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Surface great content faster

Empower every line of business

Give teams across every department a home base for all the content they need to get work done faster. Whether you’re talking sales enablement, HR employee resources, customer success accounts (or anything in between), Box Hubs helps you build more value into every aspect of your business. So go ahead. Centralize your retail plans. Streamline vendor onboarding. Create a better brand asset library. The possibilities are endless.

Curate and publish content easily

Engage, inform, and boost alignment across your organization by surfacing key content teams need to do their best work together. Create secure Hubs for company resources, teams, and all kinds of projects with secure sharing across internal teams and external partners. Curate everything from PDFs and videos, to notes and spreadsheets, in easy-to-navigate content playlists, and keep your content on-brand with a custom look and feel.

Find answers, unlock value

Track down the content you need faster and get a better understanding of your content. Built-in content insights make it easy to see Hub and file-level performance, so you focus on action instead of analysis. And, with the addition of Box AI, everyday tasks get easier: Connect with curated content to save time and power better outcomes. Ask questions about a Hub and get instant answers, from summaries to content comparisons, and more.

Keep valuable content secure

Seamless setup makes getting everyone on the same page simple. Quickly and securely create and deploy Hubs with no coding, IT, or admin resources needed. Add information to one or more Hubs without having to copy or move content. Plus, our built-in, enterprise-grade security and compliance means content is only ever available to its intended audience, so your sensitive data stays protected.

Equip your organization with the latest relevant content


Engage, inform, and align your entire organization on vision, strategy, and goals.

Human Resources
Human resources
Surface onboarding, training, and benefit resources to employees across the globe.
Enable sellers with the latest relevant content so they close deals faster.

Deliver consistent marketing with template and asset libraries.

Share resources and content that align to team goals and keep everyone informed.
Streamline and manage content for external buyers with branded portals.

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